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Andria relaunches

Andria with the help of Website Builder by Godaddy has built a new site for her portfolio you should check it out! It has a homepage with a short description about what she does, a resume that was beautifully done with her elite typesetting skills, a portfolio of artwork that she’s done and a contact page.

It has a ton of Social Share links, integration with Facebook, Twitter, pulls in posts from her wordpress blog  and even has a contact form! Best of all its already Mobilized for Smartphones and Tablets and can show her work to prospective clients with the iPad Mini I got her.

All and All she built this great looking site in under a week! She can expand this to include youtube videos, Paypal and even more with unlimited pages! I do expect to see her add more to it since I taught her the basics of using her site in about 15 minutes!



Her Resume

 Next up

Next I will help Andria optimize her website for Search Engines, it will probably require a bit of re-writing to make it more Search engine friendly but its something we can totally accomplish together! Perhaps we’ll work on integrating her Twitter and Facebook onto the website as well and also get her a synced Twitter page!

For Andria It’s Go Time.