Dexter is a Parsons Russell Terrier Mix (possibly with a Bull Terrier) He’s a smart dog loves to play fetch, and chase & be chased by other dogs at the dog park. He is perfectly content sleeping sideways on the bed pushing you off.

The real amazing part is that even though Parson Russell Terriers are highly active dogs Dexter has a switch to turn from high energy to couch potato and its all based on the owners actions. If owner is Potato so is Dexter, If owner is not Potato Dexter is playful pup.

Dexters Ears "Up"

Engage BAT EARS!

Tricks & Commands Known

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Roll Over
  4. Shy?
  5. BANG (play dead)
  6. Speak
  7. Stay / Wait (I combined these two but Andria says they are two different commands because I’m stubborn in thinking he’s just sitting there)
  8. Crawl
  9. Kennel (He goes to his kennel)
  10. Potty (You can control his bowels on command)


Dogs Dexter has been Confused with

┬áSpuds Mckenzie – Budweiser Dog from the 80’s

Target Dog – Mascot of Target

Target Dog

Target Dog

RCA / VICTOR Dog – Mascot of RCA / VICTOR