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Battle of Castle Itter

At the end of World War 2. May 5th 1945 (five days after Hitler committed suicide) three Sherman tanks from the 23rd Tank Battalion of the U.S. 12th Armored Division under the command of Capt. John C. ‘Jack’ Lee Jr., liberated  Castle Itter. It was a special castle it housed high ranking French Prisoners of War such as ex-prime ministers Paul Reynaud and Eduard Daladier and former commanders-in-chief Generals Maxime Weygand and Paul Gamelin and a tennis star. This would go down as the strangest battle in WWII history as German, French, Austrian and American fought against a German SS Unit. Continue Reading…

Prescott Camping Trip, Sunset Crater Volcano

Ken, Chris and I decided to go Camping in Prescott AZ. We found a campground online and had a few places we thought about visiting on our days off, with not too much planning ahead other than getting gear we knew we would need finding a place to stay could’ve been hard since the government just reopened its National Parks so we didn’t end up going far north to the North Rim of Grand Canyon it’d be too cold and I think we’d need an extra day just to really enjoy it. We decided on camping in Prescott AZ.


Prescott Camping: Powell Springs Campground

Powell Springs Campground

We stayed at Powell Springs Campground which was a free stay to pitch up a tent and rest up. Its a lightly used campground that’s only about 1 hour outside of Phoenix, Powell Springs has no utilities but does have vaulted restrooms there is no trash service so taking anything in also had to be taken out.


Prescott Camping in Powell Springs Campground

Powell Springs Campground, Prescott Camping (Click for Larger View)

At the campground Ken, Chris and I found a nice spot with a fire pit and decided to setup camp there. We unloaded the car pitched the tent we borrowed from Andria’s parents and then went to explore the rest of the campground. We found a trail at the end of the campground and followed it there was plenty of branches and logs that were already fallen so we collected as much as we thought we needed for the campfire that evening. We eventually hit a barbed wire fence either going left or right at a fork in the trail we didn’t go past it since we didn’t know if we were allowed to or not there was no signage, the left path yielded a broken barbed wire fence that was probably taken out by the seasonal wash. We later discovered an opening on the right that was designed for humans to go through but Chris and I didn’t go to far since we were gathering wood for our fire and it was night.

Camp Go Daddy

Camp Go Daddy (Click for Larger View)

We spent the remaining hours of our daytime playing with Kens throwing knives against one of the Ponderosa Pine Trees and it was a great amount of fun as it began to get dark we tried out our FireSteels to start the fire, eventually we got it going and discovered Pinecones are natures hand grenades they light up quickly, burn hot and sound pretty cool when burning. Ken was our designated chef he cooked Steaks and Instant Potatoes for dinner. After Dinner we sat around the fire playing Cards Against Humanity and then we heard a pack of coyotes howling and shortly after we decided to go to sleep as the temperature was dropping and it was getting cold!

This is what happens without adult supervision.

This is what happens without adult supervision. (Click for Larger View)

Our first night sleeping we all had some trouble getting sleep since Ken, Chris and I failed to fully zip up our sleeping bags and froze a bit + the coyotes we’re howling really loud as if they had gotten something big. plus this being bear country was sitting in the back of our minds. When we woke up we were supposed to cook breakfast at the site but we way too cold to want to go find more firewood and cook, we just wanted to hop in the Ford Escape Crank the heater and run to Denny’s for breakfast. Which is exactly what we did. Since there was construction on a section of the 1-17 we took the Scenic route to Camp Verde for our Prescott Camping Trip. this involved a hour long drive through the back country on twisty turny unpaved bumpy roads with steep drop-offs.

Prescott Camping: Sunset Crater Volcano

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Here is the Bonita Lava Flow, we went up the Lennox Trail Directly opposite of it.

Here is the Bonita Lava Flow, we went up the Lennox Trail Directly opposite of it.

After filling up at Denny’s in Camp Verde we had a choice of two locations to go to on our Prescott Camping Trip. Sunset Crater Volcano or Meteor Crater. We decided on Sunset Crater Volcano since hey none of us have ever been to a volcano before and besides we were going to some type of crater! The entry fee to this park is 5$ per person and includes admission to Wupatki National Monument as well, We didn’t go there we we’re too exhausted after hiking the trails of the Volcano.


We started by going up Lennox Trail which was a 300 ft strenuous climb through a path full of volcanic cinders it was across the way from the Bonita lava flow it also had a trail going through it but was a multiple hour hike after doing The Lennox Trail we were a bit exhausted and chose not to do it but hike the other lava flow trail.

As we Ascended the Lennox Crater Trail I took this picture of the Cinder Side of Sunset Crater Volcano

As we Ascended the Lennox Crater Trail I took this picture of the Cinder Side of Sunset Crater Volcano

Once we got to the top of the Lennox Crater Trail we stopped for our breath and to take some really awesome photos of the slope on the other side of the trail.

We then decided to go on an an easier trail taking the Sunset Crater Summit Trail, there used to be a trail that went to the top and you could then view into the Volcanic Crater but its been closed since the 70’s due to erosion by hikers. Would be cool if they had guided trails to the top or some way of viewing the inside of the volcano!

Sunset Crater Volcano

Sunset Crater Volcano


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