• Attention Stationary Fans

    Hey fans of stationery!! TREAT is having an awesome deal where you can get 3 personalized greeting cards for only 6 bucks! Just enter this code EMPA55E362 and you can have access to these […]

  • New sign at work

    New sign at work

    This sign appeared on the popcorn machine at work after someone broke the door and it was replaced.

  • Platypus


    The Platypus is the spare parts bin of the animal kingdom.  It lays eggs, lactates but has no nipples, hunts via electricity, and its venom has 80 different kinds of toxins.

  • Battle of Castle Itter

    Battle of Castle Itter

    At the end of World War 2. May 5th 1945 (five days after Hitler committed suicide) three Sherman tanks from the 23rd Tank Battalion of the U.S. 12th Armored Division under the command of […]

  • The Good Island – Optimization

    The Good Island – Optimization

    Recently I took on a project for a friend who was getting ready to publish his book and needed assistance with getting the website, SEO and everything hooked up to social networks for The […]

  • Application Connection Strings

    Application Connection Strings

    When working with an application that is tied to a database you’ll need to connect your website to it with a connection string. Here are the locations of  some really popular Application Connection Strings. […]

  • How to diagnose a Slow website

    How to diagnose a Slow website

    In my line of work I get calls frequently about Why is my site so slow to load? And many times blame gets passed incorrectly as to why something isn’t working. Sometimes it really […]

  • Link Dump

    Link Dump

    Dumping links here Useful Sites & Plugins This can help anybody out who is doing troubleshooting.  There is some overlap with these tools on what they do but I’ll go into detail in an […]

  • The Stanley Parable

    The Stanley Parable

    So the Steam Holiday sale is running and I just picked up The Stanley Parable game. This is more like a non-game its a Parable. Which as defined from wikipedia is A parable is […]

  • WordPress 3.8 is out!

    WordPress 3.8 was released earlier this week! and what a difference was made to the dashboard! Whats New? A new dashboard look, things are still in their normal places but it looks prettier and […]

  • CPanel Godaddy = Awesome

    CPanel Godaddy = Awesome

    So today I moved from GoDaddy’s 4GH hosting with their Hosting Control Center to the newer CPANEL hosting! CPanel Godaddy is awesome tool to manage your websites online. Here are the steps I took […]

  • Phoenix Web Designer – Get online today!

    Phoenix Web Designer – Get online today!

    I’m a Phoenix Web Designer that specializes in secure, optimized websites for you. Do you need a stunning website for your business, hobby or family site? But don’t have a lot of time, patience […]

  • U-1206


    The German submarine U-1206 was an AXIS Type VIIC Uboat of the Kregismarine during World War II. It went into service on March 16, 1944 and had a most interesting fate on its first […]

  • Andria relaunches AndriaChase.com

    Andria relaunches AndriaChase.com

    Andriachase.com Andria with the help of Website Builder by Godaddy has built a new site for her portfolio you should check it out! http://www.andriachase.com It has a homepage with a short description about what she […]

  • Sergeant Stubby

    Sergeant Stubby

    Sergeant Stubby Sergeant Stubby is the United States Most Decorated War Dog of World War 1 Serving 18 Months in Europe with Recognition from the US Army. Warhorse prepare to eat your heart out.

  • Cap’n Crunch Controversy

    Cap’n Crunch Controversy

    Cap’n Crunch has recently been ousted As not technically holding the rank of Captain but Commander as evident by the Stripes on his sleeves. And isn’t recognized as a Navy Captain by official Navy […]

  • Henry Ziegland

    Henry Ziegland

    In 1893 Henry Ziegland of Honey Grove Texas broke up with his girlfriend, who was so torn up about it she committed suicide. Her brother being a brother decided that since Henry broke her […]

  • Celestial Disagreements Beta

    The Celestial Disagreements Beta is out be sure to pre-order to get special access to the Table Top RPG and save 10% using this link COOLBRO.

  • Behind the Scenes of the Internet Pt. 1

    Behind the Scenes of the Internet Pt. 1

    Ever wonder how the internet works? Why you can type in Google.com and it takes you straight to Google’s homepage or what the difference between https:// and http:// is? This is going to be […]

  • Googles Artificial Intelligence

    Googles Artificial Intelligence

    So Google set out to create  an Artificial Intelligence neural network made up of 16,000 computer processors which they then turned on to the internet with no direction or guidance to learn on its […]

  • Astronaut Ice Cream

    Astronaut Ice Cream

    I really want to go into space one day I really do but one thing needs to be fixed before I take that kind of Journey the Ice Cream. I ordered some Astronaut Ice […]

  • Star Trek into darkness

    Star Trek into darkness

    Star Trek Into Darkness was a FANTASTIC Movie, Go see it! I’m going to keep this short since I don’t want to put out any spoilers.

  • The Cheese Bank

    I learned about a Cheese Bank in Italy today this amused me. So there’s these cheese makers in italy that have giant wheels of Parmesan that take two years to cure and be ready […]

  • Cutting the Cable with Roku 3

    Cutting the Cable with Roku 3

    Alright so we cut the Cable with Roku 3. I was paying for HD Cable through Ygnition.com which was a Reseller of sorts for Dish Network.  We had their America’s Top 120 Package which […]

  • Looking back at life

    Looking back at life i came to a stunning realization We’re all basically idiots just trying to make our way through life the best we can Don’t be mean to someone be nice and […]

  • Commenting in your code

    Commenting in your code

    To Any developer: Make sure you comment your code its really really important From Reddit I wrote a basic DirectX 3D engine for Uni assignment. I had to revisit this engine, 3 years later […]

  • Tomb Raider 2013

    Tomb Raider 2013

    I’m new to the Tomb Raider Franchise, I’ve never played any of the previous ones but of course have seen and read reviews and for the most part never decided to get them. But […]

  • Stupid in Stupid Out

    If you put stupid in, you get stupid out. -Paul Cerrone   This is my general thought on most things in life. If you go into anything without proper planning, fully reading and understanding […]

  • This is Life

    Quoted from a network security mailing-list I am subscribed to: Last time [we] sent out a warning email along the lines of: We never ask for your username and password. If you get an […]