The Good Island – Optimization

Recently I took on a project for a friend who was getting ready to publish his book and needed assistance with getting the website, SEO and everything hooked up to social networks for The Good Island.

We’ll start with the strategy for The Good Island.

First Hawkeye wanted to make sure his book could be found just by Googling The Good Island, I suggested domain variations.

The idea for securing the domains above is that if anyone were to type those domains into a search bar they will find The Good Island’s website & author and get redirected there. Secondly securing multiple names prevents competitors from using it and robbing him of the SEO work I’ve completed.

As for the actual web building portion of it I consulted with Hawkeye about different options to go with for his site. We decided on Go Daddy’s Website Builder, the reason was we could the site up and running in a quick amount of time and also not have to worry about site security or updates too much with it. The Website builder allowed us to easily grab a design add our content in, do the necessary SEO work and connect it various social media outlets without any major programming needed and to boot a mobile ready site!

Hawkeye provided all the content (images & writing) I edited his pages so that they conform to a specific pattern.

  1. Mentions our keyword The Good Island on every page
  2. Call to action on every page This was something as simple as a Buy Now button to go to the Amazon Storefront for his book
  3. 300 word Minimum on Optimized pages, google LOVES content that’s relevant to the page.
  4. Images Google also LOVES images!
  5. Outbound link, Google likes websites that communicate with others the Buy Now Button and Social Media links assist with this need.
  6. Share – Share buttons are prominently placed on every page so that it opens up new sources of marketing.
The Good Island

Notice the “Call to Action” and social media.


As a huge bonus just by using the Go Daddy Website builder we got an automatically optimized website for mobile devices with no additional programming or designing needed.

Mobile Optimized easy to read and navigate the site!

Mobile Optimized easy to read and navigate the site!

Once the site was completed It was time to connect it with Social Media sites, we selected Facebook and Twitter, to keep the theme the same and Official looking I utilized the same theme and graphics across Facebook & Twitter. Giving any reader an easy identifier that they are on the official Facebook and Twitter for Hawkeye’s new book.

Future additions to the website will include statistical tracking on visits per month and what keywords visitors are using to find the site I will then modify accordingly. With the permission of Hawkeye I’ll incorporate more Social Media onto the website to even further its availability.

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