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Choices can be hard for sunscreen

Battle of Castle Itter

At the end of World War 2. May 5th 1945 (five days after Hitler committed suicide) three Sherman tanks from the 23rd Tank Battalion of the U.S. 12th Armored Division under the command of Capt. John C. ‘Jack’ Lee Jr., liberated  Castle Itter. It was a special castle it housed high ranking French Prisoners of War such as ex-prime ministers Paul Reynaud and Eduard Daladier and former commanders-in-chief Generals Maxime Weygand and Paul Gamelin and a tennis star. This would go down as the strangest battle in WWII history as German, French, Austrian and American fought against a German SS Unit. Continue Reading…

The Good Island – Optimization

Recently I took on a project for a friend who was getting ready to publish his book and needed assistance with getting the website, SEO and everything hooked up to social networks for The Good Island.

We’ll start with the strategy for The Good Island. Continue Reading…

Game of Fries

Game of Fries

Found this on the internet thought I’d share. Game of Fries!

Bacon is Coming!

Game of Fries