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The Stanley Parable

So the Steam Holiday sale is running and I just picked up The Stanley Parable game. This is more like a non-game its a Parable. Which as defined from wikipedia is

A parable is a succinct, didactic story, in prose or verse, which illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles. It differs from a fable in that fables employ animals, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature as characters, whereas parables have human characters. A parable is a type of analogy.

You play as Stanley Employee #427 at a company, one day he stops receiving orders to push buttons and that’s how the nongame starts. Your only companion is the narrarator who narrates what your doing as your doing it. That’s about it there’s a bunch of endings depending on what choices you don’t really make because you aren’t really in control the whole time I think?


Dollar Store Education

Dollar-Store-EducationI found this at the dollar store today, I call this the Dollar Store Education.

WordPress 3.8 is out!

WordPress 3.8 was released earlier this week! and what a difference was made to the dashboard!

Whats New?

A new dashboard look, things are still in their normal places but it looks prettier and best of all works better on mobile and are better optimized woohoo for speed! We have a new theme “Twentyfourteen” which has a bit more of a Magazine style layout  or as WordPress quoted

Create a beautiful magazine-style site with WordPress and Twenty Fourteen. Choose a grid or a slider to display featured content on your homepage. Customize your site with three widget areas or change your layout with two page templates.

With a striking design that does not compromise our trademark simplicity, Twenty Fourteen is our most intrepid default theme yet.

I’m not going to switch my theme out because I like my simple one.


Not yet WordPress 3.8 seems smooth with all the plugins and themes I’m using across the board. What alerted me was my Wordfence plugin to the new update.