So today I moved from GoDaddy’s 4GH hosting with their Hosting Control Center to the newer CPANEL hosting! CPanel Godaddy is awesome tool to manage your websites online. Here are the steps I took to successfully move my site from 4GH to Cpanel Godaddy.

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  1. Backed Up databases
  2. Downloaded all content
  3. Call customer support to cancel the existing account and add a Cpanel Godaddy Hosting account
  4. Waited – I had about 4GBs of content that needed to be removed from the old 4GH account this took approximately 12 hours
  5. Setup Cpanel Godaddy
  6. Updated DNS
  7. Installed WordPresses with Installatron
  8. Upload Content
  9. Drop tables and Import SQL Backups and files

So why move to Cpanel Godaddy?

Simple its awesome and more customizable than the Hosting Control Panel. It has stats built in, Installatron will automatically make updates and backups for your applications and the control panel is super fast compared to the previous Hosting Control Center. If you somehow need it; it has multiple language support.

Best of all as you can see in the screenshot there is a Feedback and Support tab that instantly can get you in touch with a professional or just look up help topics.

Cpanel Godaddy

Look how beautiful it is!

More Details

What version of Cpanel is it?
Cpanel 11.38.2 (build 12)

What Version of MySQL is there?

What Version of Apache is it?

What kind of email functionality is included?
You can use Webmail Horde, Roundcube or Squirrel Mail, IMAP and POP are also supported.

Can we install SSL’s?
Yes, but they must be purchased from GoDaddy in the same account




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