A really shitty way to go Toilet

The German submarine U-1206 was an AXIS Type VIIC Uboat of the Kregismarine during World War II. It went into service on March 16, 1944 and had a most interesting fate on its first patrol.  It sank because the Commander improperly used the toilet.

WARNING this contains bad humor and puns.

This submarine was put into service later in the war and was equipped with a state of the art deepwater high-pressure toilet that allowed the submarine to go to deeper depths and use the facilities. However using the facilities was extremely complicated and special technicians were trained to operate its use.

U-1206 Emblem

U-1206 Emblem of the Sub. Looks pretty neat

Typical German Engineering create an amazing toilet that requires specialized training to flush.

On 14 April 1945, the boat was quietly cruising at a depth of 200ft about 8-10 miles off Peterhead, Scotland (North east coast), when the commander, Kptlt. Schlitt (Really his name Schlitt? Try Saying that five times fast) decided to use the toilet without proper assistance from a trained engineer. So he flushes this super complicated toilet and then there is a problem the toilet water goes in the wrong direction. The commander calls over a specialist who misunderstands the situation and opens the wrong valve making the situation shittier.

U-1206 Type VLLC0001

This is what a U-1206 looks like

Now large quantities of seawater was entering the U-Boat U-1206. It had another design flaw, the batteries that helped power the sub were located directly below those toilets and when sea water mixes with those batteries  you get Chlorine Gas which is of the silent yet deadly type of gas. This forced the submarine to have to surface immediately and vent the toxic gas from the sub. They successfully vented their gas, but they surfaced directly beneath  a British Anti Submarine aircraft patrol which then in allowed the British to drop their load onto U-1206.

U-1206 Sanitary System

The German engineered Potty.

U-1206 was now damaged and could not submerge back into its dark depths to hide. Commander Schlitt ordered the ship to be scuttled and top secret German intelligence destroyed. 4 men were killed during this entire incident 46 were captured and made into POW’s.

This ship was lost until the mid 70’s when a BP Oil Survey crew discovered it.


TL: DR I can’t make this shit up.

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