So I finished The Last of Us for the PS3 the other day and overall its a fantastic game!

The story takes place in 2033, 20 years after the human race is infected with the Cordyceps fungus (an actual fungus that takes over insects). Pockets of survivors are either living in Quarantine Zones protected by the military, independent settlements or with a resistance group called the fireflies. You play Joel a survivor who has a tragic past that began the night of the breakout 20 years ago, Joel is now a smuggler and through a series of events gets tasked with smuggling Ellie from the Boston Quarantine Zone to a Firefly establishment out west.

Cordyceps what is it?

I’ll let this BBC Video Explain

Now that in humans is the Cordyceps infection, except when infected Aggression goes way up and you eventually turn into a Stalker, Clicker and maybe a Bloater. When a Cordyceps infected person dies the fungus grows and releases more spores as certain environments are uninhabitable for Joel and hes required to wear a gas mask to traverse them.

Ellie, Swears more than any game character ever.

Ellie, Swears more than any game character ever.



Joel – the main character of The Last of Us is a survivor, he has a brother named Tommy who left a long time ago and joined up with the Fireflies he also had a daughter named Sarah but she passed away a long time ago. Joel is a smuggler

Ellie – also main character, is a 14 year old girl that is of extreme high importance to the Fireflies, can’t swim but can hold her own and at certain points in the game you play as her.

Tess -Joels Smuggling partner after a shipment of guns is sold she decides to take on the task of Smuggling Ellie for the Fireflies to well get their gun shipment

¬†Tommy –¬† Joel’s brother they had a disagreement about the way things were headed and split ways. Overall good guy!

Joel, probably the coolest person alive.

Joel, probably the coolest person alive.

Bill – Bill is a bit crazy he supplies Tess and Joel, with pills bullets and other trinkets for them to smuggle into the Boston Quarantine Zone.

Marlene – Fireflies leader leaves Ellie with Tess and Joel after she was shot by the Boston Quarantine Zone Military (the military is wiping out the Fireflies on the east coast)

The game has you go west across the Post-Apocalyptic US and there is one thing that has always got me curious about Post Apocalyptic Pittsburgh why does everyone in Pittsburgh PA always turn into something crazy I mean in this game the citizens of Pittsburgh revolt against the Military and turn the place into a Tourist trap killing anyone who dares enter its borders. In other games Pittsburgh is a cesspool of human negative influences a la Fallout 3 in the Pitt Expansion. Seriously Pittsburgh if your thought to become a jerk post apocalyptic city you really need to fix your rep’ post haste.

Anyway This is a fantastic game to play from the really good opening to the questionable end.


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