Exploding Tree

In 1893 Henry Ziegland of Honey Grove Texas broke up with his girlfriend, who was so torn up about it she committed suicide. Her brother being a brother decided that since Henry broke her heart and caused her to commit suicide he was going to avenge her. The brother shot Mr. Ziegland and seeing him hit by the bullet then decided to take his own life. Mr. Ziegland then stood up to see that the bullet only grazed him and the brother dead on the ground, “What a lucky bastard I am” I could imagine Mr. Ziegland thinking to himself.

Gun Shooting

This is an accurate representation of how a bullet leaves the barrel

The bullet that grazed Mr. Ziegland had embedded itself into the trunk of a tree on his property. Life then continued normally for Mr. Ziegland until 20 years later  in 1913 that tree needed to go, unable to remove the tree manually Mr Ziegland used dynamite.


In the explosion the bullet became dislodged and found its original target Mr. Zieglands Head.



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