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Alright so we cut the Cable with Roku 3. I was paying for HD Cable through which was a Reseller of sorts for Dish Network.  We had their America’s Top 120 Package which was $720.00 Yearly. We we happy with the service but a little sad that we only watched a few channels (Discovery, History, A&E, AMC, Syfy, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and at One point Animal Planet.)  So it became hard to justify $720 yearly for 6 Channels. So here is how Andria and I have slashed our budget. We decided on Cutting the Cable with Roku 3 a Streaming Media player that can pull media from the internet and storage devices its $99.00 with no subscription model built in for Roku 3 itself was a better idea for our needs!

Sold out Everywhere

It was sold out everywhere we went except Amazon, I love Amazon!

Before we could even get the Roku 3 We really had to find it, we stopped at the nearest Best Buy and they were sold out in the entire district the Best Buy employee said he could get it in maybe 2-3 days? So we decided to try Fry’s Electronics it was only 2 miles away and generally had a larger stock size and well Fry’s Electronics is like the Church of Technology Everything is there and its a great selection but the store is formatted weirdly. We did find one Roku 3 in stock a returned item for 5$ less I hate buying used electronics because well they are usually abused and have scratches on them or may have a defect and I have bad luck with this so I avoid them like the plague.  We asked the employee at Fry’s if they had any extra in the back and that turned out to be the only one. Next stop would’ve been Wal-Mart but their online system indicated Sold out everywhere every store. Andria and I were intrigued so we stopped at the grocery store picked up an Amazon Gift Card for 100$ to buy it off which had it in stock and Andria Activated Amazon Prime trial account under her so we could get faster shipping… Sweet!

You may ask why I bought a Gift card instead of just putting my Card Directly through Amazon well this grocer gives 2x the points for gift card purchases and I put those points towards $.10-$.20 off gas.


Setup was super easy I could guide my Grandma over the phone to do it, It required maybe 10 minutes of following a prompt from the screen and entering a code in online. All we needed was a HDMI Cable to connect to the TV and a WIFI network (there is an option for ethernet if your Wifi isn’t as good). A fair bit of warning though you will need a Card on File with Roku for purchasing channels that have a fee associated with them (Channels range from 1.99 -6.99 monthly)


Roku 3

Roku 3 It’s a really Small device!

The hardware that came with the Roku 3 is the Remote Control that is styled like a Nintendo Wii remote that has a headphone jack built in for silent viewing of TV I haven’t tested this feature yet because we’ve been having too much fun with playing around with the Options and Settings of Roku 3  I’ve read complaints about the remote being too cheap but I thought it was fine and you can turn your cell phone into a remote for Roku 3 anyway…

There is an option to turn on Surround Sound for a 7.1 System I need to get a 7.1 system to do this but its on my wish list!

User Interface

The User Interface for the Roku 3 is really easy to use and quick on about 90% of things the only time it took a really long time to search for something was when Andria tried pulling content off her 500 GB External Hard drive (that’s mostly full) I’m assuming it took time to read the drive and I’ll have to try later with a smaller Hard Drive with less content to see if it finds content faster.

Filling the “TV Gap”

This is the hard Part We really wanted our channels that we watch often and at least the shows that we really want a Roku out of the box just has the Syfy channel which is a joke since you can’t really watch any episodes just clips of Making of and interviews. Which probably isn’t SyFy’s fault but more of a thing in their Carrier Contracts with Cable TV.  We found out we can fill the Gap pretty well with a subscription to Hulu Plus ($120/yr) For TV, Netflix($120/yr) For Movies  & Amazon Prime For More TV/Movies/Music ($90/yr). $330 Yearly for what we want Al la Carte is saving me ALOT more than having a bundle of 100’s of channels we don’t really want or watch. In fact we got more content than we can handle and it has Angry Birds.

Unintended Benefits

Amazon Kindle Fire HD


Well I now have TV anywhere, anytime since Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime and Roku all work on my Kindle Fire… Fantastic! I have TV anywhere there is an internet signal and I can entertain my parents with some cool International Channels that bring content in from around the globe.

So Cutting the Cable with Roku 3 in the end is proving to be a worthwhile little investment I save over 300$ yearly and still get everything I want and its more on Demand with what I want to watch when I want to watch it.


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