So I finished playing through Bioshock Infinite, and this is a game with a deep plot with a twist at the end that takes understanding concepts like String Theory to help you understand the overall story. I haven’t really played Bioshock 1 or 2 (A fact that broke my girlfriends OCD Meter) I mainly played this one first simply because its the newest in the series and looked fun while watching her play.

Coin Lutece

The Lutece’s a Brother sister group that got me laughing throughout the game and are the ones who set the whole story into motion.

I liked this game, there was enough pseudo science to make me take a double look at things and want to go back to 10th grade history class to review the events at Wounded Knee and the Boxer rebellion to help with understanding the backstory of the main character Booker DeWitt. I didn’t fall quite in love with Elizabeth as I did with the New Lara Croft but I did like her personality and helpfulness as a side character which follows the basic rules of Bring me ammo, health, money, open doors and stay out of my way. Elizabeth did this job perfectly winning a Gold Medal for staying out of my way and aiding me. I only once got stuck with her but that wasn’t too hard to get out of and by all means I probably earned that.

So the story begins with Booker on a boat having to bring Elizabeth to New York and a person will wipe away their debt, I’m guessing gambling debt as there are many flashbacks and alternate realities of Booker in his office with losing gambling debts. Anyway he gets dropped off at a Lighthouse in the middle of the Ocean climbs to the top and gets launched into the floating city of Columbia! which has a bunch of themes of Religion, Science, Politics and history (Mainly xenophobic tensions against Blacks and Irish people) all involved in it.

As Booker goes and searches the city for Elizabeth he’s told not to pick #77 at a raffle and ignores this warning and picks the winning #77 and the people there get upset because he’s identified as the False shepard by the A.D Mark on his hand, you learn about that mark way later in the game and the above sentence makes sense when you meet Elizabeth and she has this power that can open tears between alternate realities and skip forward or backward in time to replay events.

The video above proves that Booker came through many times and many times this plot by the Luteces has been run as Booker will always land on heads even in alternate universes as this is left to chance and not Booker actually making a decision.

You know the very opening of the game kinda gives the law of the game and a key rule

The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist…

Barriers to Trans-Dimensional Travel – R. Letece, 1889

On the powers & weapons in Bioshock Infinite, I was a little underwhelmed in this regard I found use out of maybe 2-3 powers that was Murder of Crows, Shock Jockey, Possession and Devils kiss. There were some elements where other powers could be used but I found they used too much salt to run and these were the ones that got me through the most mainly a combo of Murder of Crows & Lightning  with upgrades on both to take on lots of enemies at once. The melee was fun but any power that revolved around it made it silly to use since it was underpowered against most people. Weapons were okay, I was disappointed by the fact I could only hold 2 weapons and this wasn’t very inviting of me to go find something else I would’ve been okay with 2 rifles and a handgun setup because I LOVED the CARBINE and HAND CANNON but didn’t want to give up my Hand cannon and using anything less was catering to very niche situations like Snipers / Shotguns. I only touched the shotgun once during the game and never went back to that or the pistol or very seldom used the machine gun. I guess I like high damage weapons that can be used in any situation hence the Carbine / hand cannon. There was no creativity to battle areas no stealth or hiding type gameplay which made every encounter a meat grinder. I DID enjoy the Lady Comstock Ghost battle that was challenging and a great changeup to the game.

Let me start with the Tear power, its Time Travel (sort of) that allows to open a small window to another dimension and bring something through or enter it all together this other dimension can also appear to be from the future present or past.

To be honest I could write about how this games plot is like dueling banjos but let me let this English sounding fellow explain the ending / game.

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