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Astronaut Ice Cream

Astronaut Ice Cream

I really want to go into space one day I really do but one thing needs to be fixed before I take that kind of Journey the Ice Cream. I ordered some Astronaut Ice Cream off of, thinking hey I’ve never had that before and it’s Ice Cream; I love Ice Cream!

So the Package advertises

Enjoy your ice cream just as the astronauts do – the freeze-dried way! Astronaut Ice Cream, as well as other freeze-dried food items, have been aboard space missions since the early Mercury missions. They continue to be used on NASA missions today.

I feel so bad for the Astronauts that eat this. Its like eating cardboard It may have once been Ice Cream but any trace of Ice Cream has been removed from it! (Mainly the Ice and Cream Parts) When I get into space I want to do super awesome stuff maybe find Klingons and have a pet Tribble, but enjoying Ice Cream is not going to be one of those things. I’ll leave that out of the mix until we get the real stuff up there and a way to do Artificial Gravity so it stays in your bowl.

Now I’d like to do this in space its kinda mesmerizing seeing things float!

Star Trek into Darkness

Star Trek into darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness was a FANTASTIC Movie, Go see it! I’m going to keep this short since I don’t want to put out any spoilers.

The Cheese Bank

I learned about a Cheese Bank in Italy today this amused me. So there’s these cheese makers in italy that have giant wheels of Parmesan that take two years to cure and be ready for the table but while these cheese makers make the cheese they won’t see any return for 2 years no way to make money. So the cheese maker deposits his cheese into the bank for a loan to cover his expenses, should he default the bank gets the cheese.

Surprisingly this bank is highly guarded with multiple security systems and even with that it still has been broken in three times! Then again it is over 200 million dollars worth of cheese in there.

You can find the original article here

Roku 3

Cutting the Cable with Roku 3

Futurama Picture

Welcome to the FUTURE!

Alright so we cut the Cable with Roku 3. I was paying for HD Cable through which was a Reseller of sorts for Dish Network.  We had their America’s Top 120 Package which was $720.00 Yearly. We we happy with the service but a little sad that we only watched a few channels Continue Reading…