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Commenting in your code

To Any developer:

Make sure you comment your code its really really important

From Reddit

I wrote a basic DirectX 3D engine for Uni assignment. I had to revisit this engine, 3 years later to have it redone for another assignment.

And there, right in one of the most important parts of the code (the lightning if I remember correctly) I see my own comment:


//I have no idea what this does.

Thank you, past Wild_Marker. Thank you so fucking much. Big fucking help, mate.

TL;DR Make good comments. Or you will regret it.

This is a necessary for any new developer or yourself in the future rewriting things ALWAYS Comment what something does!

Tomb Raider 2013

I’m new to the Tomb Raider Franchise, I’ve never played any of the previous ones but of course have seen and read reviews and for the most part never decided to get them. But I’m a sucker for Survival / Horror adventure games and this one just happened to cross my path when I was shopping on Amazon for Bioshock Infinite for Andria and I thought to myself What the hell might as well give this a try. I understood that this was a prequel and a reboot to the series so I thought this was a good starting point to see what the series I’ve avoided for years was all about and at a sale price on amazon it was not a hard thing to do.

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This is Life

Quoted from a network security mailing-list I am subscribed to:

Last time [we] sent out a warning email along the lines of:

We never ask for your username and password. If you get an email that looks like:“There is an issue with your account. Please reply with your username and password and we will rectify it”

You should never reply to these messages with your details.

50 people replied with their usernames and passwords.

People never cease to amaze me on how bad they are with their account security. I should ask people for their banking login info more often.